Colibro TREMIX UP 5in1 | Blank

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Colibro TREMIX UP 5in1 | Blank

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Product description

Tremix Up by Colibro is a modern bike for children. Thanks to its innovative system, Tremix Up can be used in 5 different ways, depending on your child’s age and abilities. The bike is designed for children from 1 to 5. Due to interchangeable elements, Tremix Up literally grows alongside your kid and adjusts to their specific and ever changing needs. It can be used as:

1. Stroller:  for children from 1 to 2 years old. This configuration replaces stroller. The seat has a back rest with safety harness. On rear part of the trike there is a runner (pusher) installed with 3-level height adjustment, so a parent can set it for comfortable pushing and maneuvering. This configuration allows a child to comfortably rest its feet on the pedals installed beneath the frame, making a foot rest out of them.

2. Three-wheel ride on trike (1-2 yo) for children from 1 to 2 years old. This configuration has pedals, back rest, and runner (pusher) removed, and the rear wheels are spread out. A child comfortably seats on low adjusted seat and slowly pushes off using legs.

3. Three-wheel bike (2-3 yo) for children from 2 to 3 years old. This configuration has pedals removed and rear wheels spread out. The back rest and runner (pusher) are also removed. The seat is adjusted accordingly to child’s height so it reaches the pedals without problems with slightly bent legs. The tricycle is safe and teaches smooth pedaling.

4. Run bike / Balance bike (3-4 yo) - for children from 3 to 4 years old. Due to innovative patent system, by pressing only 3 buttons and without removing parts, you change the tricycle into practical and educational balance bike. All it requires is putting rear wheels together and removing pedals. They can be removed by pressing only one button per pedal, and it does not require use of tools. The balance bike is considered for the best way of learning how to ride a regular bike. Your child will learn how to keep balance and changing it for regular two wheel bike takes much shorter. This configuration requires removing the pedals, back rest, and runner (pusher).

5. Two-wheel bike with or without a tappet (4-5 yo) When a child learns how to ride a bike, it is important for parents to have a possibility of control. With runner (pusher) mounted in rear part of TREMIX UP, a parent can hold it in vertical position when a child looses balance. When your child holds the balance on balance bike, and is doing well with the pedaling on bicycle with pedals and with runner (pusher), it already can ride bicycle on its own under parent’s supervision. With this function it can be your child’s favorite toy. 

Tremix up has a solid, yet light structure that will easily support the weight of a 5-year-old child. Rubber wheels with a runner ensure incredible stability and traction during the ride. The seat and handlebar are regulated, which makes it easy to adjust to your child’s height and needs. Light, smart, and stylish, Tremix Up is the perfect first bike for small children who are just beginning their adventure with cycling. 

Main advantages of 5in1 TREMIX UP:

  • 5 different configurations allowing for using the bike for very long time
  • simple and not requiring tools changing system and adjusting the toy to child’s age
  • rubber wheels with thread providing great grip (pay attention to similar products with EVA foam, that will not provide traction on wet and slippery surface!)
  • rubber finished handle bars
  • solid construction that will hold the weight even of a 5 year old child
  • height adjustable seat and distance between child and handle bar
  • runner (pusher) with 3-level height adjustment
  • sport design
  • perfect gift for every occasion
  • soft, upholstered seat with detachable back rest and safety harness
  • Compatibility with EN 71-1-2-3 standard
  • CE Certificate

Technical specification:

  • Length: 67 cm
  • Width (three wheels version): 46 cm
  • Wheels diameter (front / back): 22 cm / 18 cm
  • Wheels’ width: 4 cm
  • Distance between the edge of the seat to handle bars: 24 cm – 27 cm
  • Distance from the edge of the seat to the pedals: 32 cm / 37 cm
  • Seat height: 31 cm – 37 cm
  • Runner (pusher) height: 84 cm – 93 cm
  • Child’s maximum weight: 25 kg
  • Weight: 5,8 kg




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