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Colibro PRIMO (0-25 kg) | Dove


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Product description

Primo by Colibro is a modern baby car seat that combines three weight groups (0, I, and II). Designed for children up to 25 kg, it can be used both rearward and front facing. Why is that important? Research shows that children up to 13 kg should be driven around in the opposite direction that the car is headed. That’s because in case of an accident, this particular position protects a child’s head and neck better. Primo gives you the opportunity, while enabling travels for older children (above 13 kg) as well.

What other features make it one of a kind? For example - the system of ergonomic reduction inserts that support the lumbar region of your child’s spine and the prestigious Fitwiz harness that enables the most stable connection between the baby seat and a car seat.

What’s more, Primo is also equipped with a very convenient and practical feature - the buckle holder designed to help you put your child inside the seat in a much more comfortable and quicker way. 

What makes the COLIBRO PRIMO car seat unique?

  • RWF DO 13 KG - The abbreviation RWF (Rearword Facing) means that the seat can be installed rearward facing. Recent studies show that this is the safest way to transport a child in car seats. The PRIMO model can be rear-mounted for children weighing up to 13 kg.
  • 5 TILT POSITIONS - Thanks to as many as 5 tilt positions, the PRIMO seat will be comfortable even during the longest journeys. The most lying position will certainly make it easier for your child to fall asleep. PRIMO additionally has an integrated support that increases the angle of inclination for children from the 0+ group (from 0 to 13 kg)
  • FITWIZ® BELT TENSIONERS - The PRIMO seat is equipped with patented belt tensioners of the renowned FITWIZ® brand. The pretensioners allow you to tighten the car belts better and thus stabilize the connection of the seat with the seat. This is also an important function when the seat is empty.
  • ERGONOMIC REDUCTION INSERT SYSTEM - Such a wide weight range of the PRIMO seat has been achieved thanks to the system of reduction inserts, which additionally increases the angle between the seat and the backrest of the seat, thus securing the lumbar spine.
  • BUCKLE HOLDER - This simple, but extremely practical function will make it easier to put your child in the seat, thanks to the possibility of holding the side forks of the seat belts open to the sides. The seat belt fork will not fall onto the seat, so you can put your child down quickly and comfortably.


  • ECE R44 / 04 - The European safety standard ECE R44 / 04 is a prerequisite for the approval of the car seat on the market in the European Union. Each COLIBRO car seat has the ECE R44 / 04 approval issued by an accredited research institute. The PRIMO model has a certificate of approval issued by the Dutch RDW institute and additionally confirmed by Tass International Siemens Business. This standard covers a number of tests, including a front crash test at 50 km / h, a rear crash test at 32 km / h and a 360-degree rotation test.
  • ISO 9001 - All COLIBRO car seats have been manufactured in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality standard.

Product characteristics:

  • car seat for children from groups 0, I, II (from 0 to 25 kg),
  • rear mounting for children up to 13 kg (RWF),
  • possibility of front mounting for children from 9 kg,
  • accessories of the renowned FITWIZ® brand (buckles, grommets, belt tensioners),
  • 7 tilt positions of the seat,
  • additional integrated support for children from 0+ group,
  • high backrest,
  • system of ergonomic reduction inserts,
  • breathable anti-chafing fabric,
  • easy removal of upholstery,
  • belt fork support system (Buckle Holder),

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions (length / width / height): 53 cm / 46 cm / 73 cm
  • Weight: 8.2 kg




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