Easy Go ROTARIO (0-18 kg) | Iron


Easy Go ROTARIO (0-18 kg) | Iron


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Product description

Rotario by Easy Go is a perfectly comfortable and safe car seat for babies up to 18 kg. The seat can be installed both rearward and forward facing, which is very important in the case of babies who have yet to exceed 9 kg. Why is that so crucial? Research shows that children up to this weight should be driven around in the opposite direction that the car is headed. That’s because in case of an accident, this particular position protects a child’s head and neck better. With Rotario you can ensure your child is getting the best protection they can, and then, after they reach a certain weight, simply turn the seat around and keep providing them with great traveling experience. What else? The seat is equipped with side bumpers that help mitigate any shocks that may occur during the ride or potential accidents. The seat can be reclined to 4 different angles and its headrest can be adjusted to your child’s height which guarantees both safe and comfortable journey for children who are growing and changing so quickly. 

Key features of EASYGO ROTARIO car seat:

  • RWF up to 18 kg – Rearward facing position is considered the safest possible. Most car seats available on the market are suitable in RWF position only up to 11 or 13 kg. ROTARIO is certified for RWF up to 18 kg which makes it very unique.
  • FWF from 9 kg – You can use ROTARIO for your baby in FWF position from 9 kg up to 18 kg.
  • 360° rotation  - the shell of ROTARIO car seat can be set in one of 4 positions: RWF, FWF, and both sides facing. The shell rotates on the integrated ISOFIX base so you don’t have to lift the shell to change a position. It takes pressing one button to operate it. The side position helps to place a child in the seat. It also opens new possibilities like for instance more comfortable feeding during parking.
  • Integrated ISOFIX base – the ISOFIX base with an adjustable supporting leg makes the connection more stable even if there is no baby inside the car seat. The base makes the car seat safer because it eliminates the risk of a wrong installation.
  • SIDE BUMPER – the headrest of the car seat is made of a special shock-absorbing material. 
  • BULCKE HOLDER – special magnesium buckle holders will help you place your baby in the car seat by holding the metal buckles of the harness system until you are ready to fasten the system. Simply press the metal buckles of the shoulder belts to the buckle holder on both sides of the seat.
  • 4 position of the shell angle – The shell angle can be set in 4 positions so you will easily adjust your car seat to the weight and size of your baby. This feature will make a long journey more comfortable for your child.
  • 7 positions of the headrest – the headrest has 7 positions so you will always adjust the safest and comfortable position. The adjustment is integrated with seat belt height adjustment so you don’t have to worry about it.


  •  Possibility to use fear facing for children up to 18 kg
  • Modern car seat for groups 0+ (0-13 kg) and I (9-18 kg)
  • ISOFIX system (easier installation, more stability, more safety)
  • Innovative 360 degrees rotation system (possibility of rotating the car seat to a side while placing a child or feeding) 
  • Complies ECE R44/04
  • Produced in quality system ISO 9001
  • 4 positions of seat angle (possibility to move weight point forward and to reach a comfortable sleeping position)
  • 7 positions of headrest height adjustment integrated with a height adjustment of shoulder belts
  • 5 point harness system
  • Soft and resistant fabrics with a sponge underneath
  • Special foam absorbing energy
  • Removable/washable soft covers
  • Soft pad for a small baby made of melange fabric
  • Soft covers made of high-quality perforated fabrics ensuring air circulation


  • Height/length/width: 59 x 77 x 45 cm
  • Seat width: 32 cm
  • Seat length: 33 cm
  • Backrest height: 52 cm
  • WEIGHT: 13.90 kg



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